Welcome to Our Experiment!

PixelRidge's Mutation Math in Action

Welcome to the PixelRidge Mutation Experiment! We're excited to share a bit about what we're doing here, though we must keep some of the juicier details under wraps for now. This experiment is a crucial part of our research into Liquid Neural Networks and their applications in Cyber Security.

By playing this game, you're helping us gather valuable data on the effectiveness and "true randomness" of our mutation algorithm. It's a key component of our ongoing project, and every round played contributes to our understanding.

We'd love to dive into the nitty-gritty of our mutation math with you, but due to the nature of this being a privately funded commercial venture, we have to keep some secrets for a little while longer. We promise it's not because we don't want to share!

Here's the good news: once our product is complete, patented, and hits the market, we'll be able to share all the fascinating details. Our agreement includes a provision to publish the scientific, mathematical, and process data we've collected. We're as excited as you are to eventually open the book on our findings.

In fact, we're keeping a detailed scientific journal throughout our development process. Once we've fulfilled our legal obligations and ensured our investors see a return on their investment, we plan to publish this journal. It's like a behind-the-scenes look at the science and math of what we're building.

Thanks for being part of this journey with us. Your participation is not just playing a game; it's contributing to a groundbreaking venture in the world of Cyber Security and Neural Networks!

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